Yosemite issues

As mentioned the new OSX system is out but there are still some issues that Apple needs to fix. One is the wifi issue. Lots of users complaining about dropping wifi connections and inability to establish internet connection even though connected to a wifi router!

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Yosemite is out and ready for installation. Be careful as there are a few little issues here and there. We will report back when we come across some of them!

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Mountain Lion

Installing Mountain Lion now!

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Steve 1955-2011

This is a sad day today. Steve Jobs the genius that gave us the Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and all the other fine designed and brilliantly made products with the Apple  logo on it has died today. This is the biggest loss of the digital world and we miss him already. He was a visionary focused on functional, beautiful and user-friendly products instead of the $$$s. Let's hope that Tim Cook has learned enough to keep the spirit of Apple were it came from. Brilliant products!!

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