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Tecware Pty Ltd

Personalised IT support for professionals

What we do?

We offer Sydney's most reliable and fastest IT service. Why? We have been around IT and especially Macs for over 20 years. We know the challenges that IT can bring you as a company and we work as if we are a part of your company to make IT life easy for you and to help you focus on your core business.
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Our Services

We do everything IT especially everything Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod! We are windows friendly and we understand networks, protocols and communication. We have been serving the Film, Advertising, and Media industry for years and we understand their workflow and requirements in regards to IT.
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"I.T's a funny business: you don't think about it until things go wrong, or slow down, or crash or, as is often the case, all three.

Or rather, it was the case, until I discovered tecWare & Thommy Kiel. In my experience in this business (alas, over 25 years now), he's unique in this country: a guy who not only understands the bizarre technology needs of creative companies, but is also pro-active enough to future-proof you, too.

Add to all this the fact that he's charming, has a great sense of humor (not to be assumed with all Germans) and can be trusted 100% to do what he promises, and you'll understand why I recommend him to everyone I know in the creative business."